Our mission is to eliminate unemployment by modernizing what “employment” means and what the workforce will look like in the future.

We’re not a generation of 9 to 5’ers. We’re a generation of freelancers, consultants, entrepreneurs, and businesses of one.

On LiveNinja, you tell us what you’re good at, the rate you want to charge, the hours you’re available, and we use algorithms to connect you with potential clients from all over the world.

– –  Will Weinraub

Will Weinraub, Alfonso Martinez, and Emilio Cueto founded Live Ninja after their friends were laid off in 2008. For them, the government’s approach towards solving unemployment is ineffective and outdated. It does not account for the unique cultural factors inherent in the current generation of work force participants, such as new technology.

Some of my friends, who are incredibly brilliant people, couldn’t find traditional jobs. I’ve seen many instances where traditional employment previously failed them and now modern employment is allowing them to thrive.

Will started in tech at a very young age. He hasn’t stopped since then and is now a key player in the Miami tech and startup community.

I started my first business on the internet at age 13, making fan sites for people. That was my first taste of entrepreneurship and making money on the internet.

His team also offers a service for businesses, Katana, that reincorporates the human factor into buying, selling and customer service online.

Technology has taken us further and further away from human interaction. It’s ironic that we’re trying to bring the human element back with the use of technology

– – Carolina Leon, Director of Marketing

Will’s words of wisdom:

  1. Share your idea with as many people as possible. It may lead to an investor or to others that may want to join your cause.
  2. Know that start ups are incredibly hard. Enjoy the burn. Think of it like when you work out and your muscles start to burn.It’s a sign that you’re doing something right. That progression is happening.
  3. Embrace the competition. Celebrate competitors as it serves as validation that there is actually a market opportunity for your offering.

Will Weinraub  | Live Ninja

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