“I’ve always been a person who liked to do something that makes a measurable difference and is of lasting importance. Anything that I’m doing that’s not getting me that kind of high doesn’t resonate with me.”

– –  Travis Montaque

“No matter what happens, every day is an 11,” says Travis Montaque of his experience launching Splyst(pronounced like ‘spliced’), a socialesque platform that allows users to share and receive personalized, relevant information.

“Search did an excellent job in making information available – we now want to filter this information and deliver it to the people who are interested in it.” Users can tag content with emojis corresponding to different emotions, which helps the app learn how they feel and thus continue to personalize the process to them.

Travis believes in Miami and has rebuffed several proposals to move to the Valley.

“It’s really hard for new ideas to form if everyone thinks there’s a structured way of doing things. Miami has a lot of untapped potential both in the human capital and financing sides. We have so much room, opportunities and resources here.”

“I like to do things that make a measurable difference. Leaving a legacy, doing something that’s bringing more good to everyone involved…Seeing other people excited about what we’re doing – that is really exciting to me.”

– –  Travis Montaque

Travis’ words of wisdom:

  1. Spend time building the right team and mentors to help your idea grow.
  2. Don’t be scared to pitch – that’s how you’ll get your story right.

Travis Montaque  | Splyst

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