B2B Sales Jump

Enjoy the breakfast and catch up to the world of sales in a community of business professionals. Now that the buyer has more information, channels and power to decide, get the latest updates on new sales strategies and tools for selling B2B. We will talk about what has been happening faster or not evolving in sales. How to select new technology, tools, tactics and techniques. What many companies have been doing well, wrong or missing:

  • New B2B Buyer: Snapshot of the present and how the B2B sales professional has to adapt to be even more successful.
    • What to do to position yourself as a lucrative choice for the New B2B Buyer?
    • How to reach out in the best way possible to this new B2B buyer?
    • Outreach as the beginning of a long relationship, what next?
  • B2B Sales Tools: New tools – new rules; how they can assist or hurt you.
    • Is your technology stack really saving you time and does it add value?
    • Are you able to effectively evaluate your opportunities?
    • Are you using the best tools and channels in the right moment?
  • B2B Sales Process: Sales as an evolving process cycle, more complex and demanding; get the new map for your sales journey?
    • Do you understand where your sales process starts and ends?
    • What are skills and tools required on each stage and the possible outcomes?
    • Do you have a timely planned course of action, and measures for results?
    • What stages of the B2B sales process can be automated, where and why?

This is our first event to start contributing to the evolution of South Florida as a business hub. At AWM we strongly believe that a healthy ecosystem of companies and professionals brings value to everyone inside of it. We realized that there are many topics covered by our amazing colleagues and peers, but only few are on the subjects of Sales and Marketing. So, come with open mind, willing to receive and share, as we are absolutely sure this experience will expand your horizons.

Everyone in the world of B2B Sale:

  • Sales Developers, Account Executives, Sales Directors, VP of Sales, Sales Professionals, Partners, Owners, CEOs, CMOs, COOs, etc.
  • Corporate, Big, Medium and Small Companies.
  • Startups (funded or not – operational or not).
  • Sales “Curious”, Sales “Wannabe”, Sales “Frustrated”.

8.00am: Registration, Coffee & Breakfast

8.30am: Seminar

9.25am: Q&A & Final Remarks


Get tickets here –> https://www.eventbrite.com/e/b2b-sales-jump-why-sales-in-2016-is-different-and-how-you-should-adapt-registration-24326109047

Best Practices for Business to Business Sales

Join us at Live Ninja HQ for this month’ Sales Genius with Mark Crofton. A senior exec with SAP Mark will provide an overview of best practices in Business to Business sales.

Mark will cover the basics of the sales process, share his experiences with creating, managing and motivating B2B sales team.  During the breakout session Mark, along with the business development team at Live Ninja will answer your questions in a QA session.

Sales Genius is a targeted event focused on sharing sales knowledge for business to business focused startups in South Florida.  Our goal is to create a community of best practices around B2B sales and we require attendees to be actively focused on growing B2B sales.



Mark Crofton, Global Vice President of SAP


Mark has over 10+ years of Sales Experience working at SAP. He works as the Global Vice President leading a globdal sales rotational program for recent college graduate. He is also the direct line manager for 300 Academy Account Executives in 29 countries. He is a coach, mentor and is an expert in sales, especially for SAAS and Mobile products.

Predictive Revenue: Product Market Fit for B2B SAAS Organizations

Come and join Sales Genius our second instalment! This meeting will be on product market fit and creating a pipeline for your business. (Refreshments will be provided).

Join us as a we bring together a community of business development and sales professionals dedicated to sharing best practices, key learnings, and sales strategies for selling to businesses.


Michael McCord, CEO of LearnerNation

Michael’s work optimizes the potential of people and organizations. Michael and his team have worked with over 250,000 individuals in 2300 organizations including Fortune 500’s such as MasterCard, LG, Liberty Mutual, Pacific Gas & Electric, and luxury brands such as Cartier, Chopard, and Celebrity Cruise Lines.