Innovation Nation: Secrets from the Israeli Start Up Scene

The Idea Center at Miami Dade College and Tel Aviv University will join forces in linking together two successful startup ecosystems. Learn from one of the top tech and startup ecosystems in the world — Israel. Oren Simanian, founder of StarTAU, the Tel Aviv University Entrepreneurship Center, will discuss best practices in innovation in Israel as well as provide practical, hands-on skills and knowledge used by successful Israeli startups.

Oren Simanian
StarTAU, Tel Aviv University Entrepreneurship Center

Oren is the Founder @ StarTAU, Tel Aviv University entrepreneurship center, as a key person in the start-up ecosystem he assists entrepreneurs to take it to the next level. Oren has designed tailor-made programs to support many sectrs to become entrepreneurial. He has one of the strongest track records in the Israeli seed ventures industry.



Celebrating Miami Entrepreneurs – A Growth Driver

Celebrating Miami Entrepreneurs – A Growth Driver

The city is well known globally for its celebratory spirit, its real estate and entertainment industries, and its beautiful beaches and warm weather among other things. However, the majority of Miami, and the country, is unaware of the vast startup activity taking place at every corner or even the fact that it recently ranked #2 in startup activity. People outside of the startup ecosystem are not exposed to the stories of success and failures of our local entrepreneurs. How can we fix this? First, let’s examine the 4 elements needed for Miami’s entrepreneurial ecosystem to thrive.