Michael McCord – “See it, hear it, and experience it”

Michael McCord – “See it, hear it, and experience it”

LG, Cartier, MasterCard, Riot Games, and Celebrity Cruises are some of our top tier clients – we never would have imagined we’d be working with these huge names and over 148,000 Users when we started in 2012.

VC’s congratulate how much we’ve done and then ask if we’d be willing to move to NY, SF, or Menlo Park. We would strongly prefer to stay in Miami. After all, the global e-learning market grows at almost 4X the US market and Miami is becoming an international hub.

– –  Michael McCord

Michael McCord, Michael Laas, and Bill McCord founded Learner Nation in 2012. The idea was born in 2011 when Michael McCord was preparing for exams in graduate school. He studied the traditional way, but had a difficult time remembering the subject matter. He then started to create multiple learning tools to supplement his own lessons in an effort to increase his retention of the material.