Pavlov & Product Design: How to Create Engaging Experiences

Riyaad Seecharan will show us how to blend Psychology, User Centered Design and Neuroeconomics to create compelling user experiences. He’ll walk us through how to plan product experiences and identify the appropriate tools to deliver delight to end-users. 

You will get an overview on how create an experiential framework for products that will allow you to identify potential product engagement models. He’ll also provide examples of current products and software that leverage design thinking. 

The talk will cover:  

1) Five common models for increasing product engagement.

2) Five models on how to engage specific groups.

3) The changing landscape of product engagement.

About the speaker:

An expert at designing, creating and building software, Riyaad Seecharan has held positions at the Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory at Florida International University, various South Florida Hospitals, and lectures on a Post Affordable Care Act world. 

As managing director at Tesser Health, Riyaad is responsible for leading operations and product strategy. With a strong background in formal process improvement and Six Sigma methodology, a rigorous product management philosophy, and extensive attention to the user experience, Riyaad builds products that improve patient engagement. He drives the Tesser vision of delivering innovative patient centered health care experiences through technology

Along with the Tesser team Riyaad currently works with the Department of Anesthesiology at Jackson Memorial Hospital and the UM Miller School of Medicine faculty prototyping medical applications. Riyaad currently serves on the corporate advisory board for Zagada  Riyaad has worked with Fortune 500 companies such as Wal-Mart, American Express and Tradestation and has consulted with organizations such as Dell, IBM and NASA. Previously, he was on the advisory board for Apptimum prior to its acquisition by Microsoft.

Here’s the agenda for the evening: 

6:00 PM: Drinks, snacks, and socializing. [Food and drinks available for purchase at event venue.]

6:30 PM: Introduction and presentation from Riyaad.

7:15 PM: Q&A with the audience.

7:30 PM: Lightning update about the recent Design for Action Conference and upcoming chapter events.

7:35 PM: Community announcements. If you’re hiring, want to tell us about an awesome event coming up, or have anything else to tell the Action Design community, let everyone know!

7:40 PM: More drinks, snacks, and socializing. See you there!

Mariana Rego – Design Thinking – Through experimentation you can achieve best results

Mariana Rego – Design Thinking – Through experimentation you can achieve best results

Yes, you should spend time and effort getting to know your user, particularly what she’s not telling you; yes, you should prototype early and often; and absolutely, you should get comfortable with failure because only through experimentation can you achieve the best results.
– – Mariana

Mariana Rego, co-founder of Design Thinking Miami, left her corporate job at UBS AG in New York to eventually start her entrepreneurial life in her adopted hometown of Miami.