WEDNESDAY (11/18): Celebrating The Value In Failures

WEDNESDAY (11/18):

Celebrating The Value In Failures

Failure in business is when you realize what you’re doing is not going to work, and the pivot that follows is key to success. In Silicon Valley and New York, failures are famously celebrated and treated as valuable learning experiences. However, in many U.S. and Latin American cities with nascent entrepreneurial ecosystems, the term “failure” remains taboo.

This year’s Global Entrepreneurship Week, YPA Miami and Luminary Central bring you local entrepreneurs from various sectors to share their stories of success—peppered with failures both large and small—for a conversation aimed at breaking the taboo.

Join us on November 18 @ The Lab Miami as we discuss with high-profile entrepreneurs how their failures led to their subsequent success, and their learnings along the way. Luminary Central and YPA Miami have joined forces to present this panel discussion in an effort to lessen the taboo of “failure” and celebrate the value in its learnings.

Confirmed speakers*:

  • Michael “Mike” B. Fernandez, Chairman, MBF Healthcare Partners
  • Ivan Rapin-Smith, Director, Watsco Ventures
  • Lilia Luciano, Journalist & Founder of CoInspire (moderator)

*additional speakers to be confirmed

**image courtesy of Sean McCabe

Celebrating The Value In Failures


Celebrating Miami Entrepreneurs – A Growth Driver

Celebrating Miami Entrepreneurs – A Growth Driver

The city is well known globally for its celebratory spirit, its real estate and entertainment industries, and its beautiful beaches and warm weather among other things. However, the majority of Miami, and the country, is unaware of the vast startup activity taking place at every corner or even the fact that it recently ranked #2 in startup activity. People outside of the startup ecosystem are not exposed to the stories of success and failures of our local entrepreneurs. How can we fix this? First, let’s examine the 4 elements needed for Miami’s entrepreneurial ecosystem to thrive.