LG, Cartier, MasterCard, Riot Games, and Celebrity Cruises are some of our top tier clients – we never would have imagined we’d be working with these huge names and over 148,000 Users when we started in 2012.

VC’s congratulate how much we’ve done and then ask if we’d be willing to move to NY, SF, or Menlo Park. We would strongly prefer to stay in Miami. After all, the global e-learning market grows at almost 4X the US market and Miami is becoming an international hub.

– –  Michael McCord

Michael McCord, Michael Laas, and Bill McCord founded Learner Nation in 2012. The idea was born in 2011 when Michael McCord was preparing for exams in graduate school. He studied the traditional way, but had a difficult time remembering the subject matter. He then started to create multiple learning tools to supplement his own lessons in an effort to increase his retention of the material.

It wasn’t just reading, or the lectures, it was everything together – both active and passive learning. That’s how I remembered.

I started getting more and more interested in the ways people learn. I created a book series with Wolter-Kluwer specifically geared at Millennial learning styles and built some software to go along with it. I then realized that the software could be applied to learning in many other ways.

– –  Michael McCord

Learner Nation takes one concept at a time and teaches it in various ways (text, photos, audio, flash cards, multiple choice, related concepts, etc.). It allows the end user to choose how they want to learn a specific concept and gives them control over their own learning experience.

Our competitors have made online training something you pass then forget. You watch videos without interaction – it’s unnatural.

Learning by using multiple modalities results in an increased retention rate. If you just see it or just hear it, retention of the material is typically only around 10-20% after 72 hours. If you see, hear, and experience it, retention increases by almost 600-650% according to studies cited by the US Dept of Labor.

– –  Michael McCord

Despite Learner Nation’s rapid growth and prestigious clients, VC’s from Silicon Valley and New York don’t yet view Miami as a technological startup hub. This is changing rapidly and Michael stands by his decision to grow in Miami – a city considered to be the bridge between the US, Latin America, and other countries.

Their persistence has paid off as LearnerNation was recently selected to be an Endeavor Entrepreneur. Endeavor is the only non-profit that supports high-impact entrepreneurs around the world. Their “mentor capitalist” model breaks down economic and cultural barriers to entrepreneurship through advising from its network of world-class business leaders.

Being accepted to Endeavor is just awesome – anyone who looks at Endeavor’s track record knows what it means to the future of both LearnerNation and Miami’s community.

– –  Michael McCord

Michael’s words of wisdom:

  1. Everything is marketing. If you have a good product, great, but it’s useless if no one knows about it.

Michael McCord  | Learner Nation

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