“We try to integrate technology with being a good Miamian. Code for Miami assembles volunteer developers, designers, and citizens for regular meetups. We work with counties and non profits to build amazing things.

One of our most recent projects was TextMyBusMIA. It’s a text messaging wrapper that we’ve built around Miami Dade transit data. Folks that don’t have an Android or iPhone can actually text with a bus stop ID to receive information of when the next bus is coming.

We’re trying to help build the Miami developer eco system while motivating each other to be good citizens.”

– –  Ernie Hsiung

Ernie Hsiung and Rebekah Monson launched Code for Miami, a local civic hacking brigade affiliated with Code for America. Ernie is a San Francisco native and has worked in Silicon Valley for approximately 9 years at various firms including Yahoo! and Ning. He relocated to Miami approximately 3 years ago and has made great strides to helping advance Miami developers.

Ernie also runs a meetup group called the Front End Developers of Miami. It’s a regular meetup group that discusses topics related to web development and front-end engineering.

When asked what makes Miami unique, Ernie replied:

“Miami has an entrepreneurial spirit unlike other cities I’ve worked in. It spans all social classes: the rich, the working class, and those scrapping it. Playing it safe is not normal here.”

– –  Ernie

Ernie’s Words of Wisdom:

  1. Jump in and make mistakes
  2. Don’t make things ugly, make them fail. You can keep iterating until it works.
  3. Learn how to code. You don’t need to be a programmer to know how to code.

Ernie Hsiung  | Code for Miami

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