Experience the Power of Women in Business Through Reciprocity

People get most of their lucky breaks in life through “the strength of weak ties” – i.e., through casual acquaintances and people they don’t know very well. The reason for this is that we travel in the same circles as our good friends. They know most of the same people, the same opportunities, and the same resources as we do. But when we stumble across a relative stranger, they travel in completely different circles. They are exposed to different resources, ideas, and people than we are. They might be able to connect us with resources and people that we would have never otherwise encountered.

When you give to other people, chances are they will give back. Reciprocity is one of the strongest forms of human influence. If you want someone to help you, the best way is to help them first.

Join us on November 19, 2015 to generate a series of lucky breaks. For three hours you will be paired with different groups of women. Each of you will state a personal or professional goal that you have. The other members of your group will suggest connections and resources that will help you fulfill your request. It is then up to you to follow up in the coming days and weeks. 

Make sure to come prepared with your goals in mind so that you can share with as many people as possible. It is estimated that there is an average of 3 solutions generated for every request.

Get Ready to Get Lucky Ladies of Miami!

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Event Details:

Rescheduled @ 6pm – Wynwood Yard
61 NW 29th St, Miami, FL 33127

Luminary Central is a platform where High Impact Entrepreneurs, Visionary Investors, and Optimal Resources connect. Our singular goal is to facilitate the acceleration of business growth.

At Luminary Central you will be able to navigate the wonderful resources that currently exist throughout Miami. A detailed roadmap will outline the optimal resources available to you at your specific stage in the life cycle of a business. Additionally, we will host Luminary Events that aim to supplement the current offerings existing in Miami while helping to foster an inclusive, collaborative, and diverse ecosystem.

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