Most blind people have some level of sight. So we said, let’s have a device that adapts to the end user’s specific issues and enhance their capabilities.
– – Pia

Pia Celestino, founder of Crea7ive Interactive Advertising and EyeTalker, is a social entrepreneur in Miami.

Pia abruptly moved from Argentina with her family right before the start of the Argentinian Great Depression. It was during these trying times that Pia developed her ability to persevere through any obstacle to achieve her goals. At 16 years old she had developed her first website. Leveraging these valuable skills, her father was able to barter the creation of a website for other services from her first client.

I did their website, and they were happy with my work. Soon they began to give me more work and even invite me to their marketing strategy sessions. The company was eventually sold and they started an e-commerce company. I had to learn all new languages and skills to help launch this company.
– – Pia

EyeTalker is a project that aims to help the visually impaired “hear” printed text on books, newspapers, magazines, menus, and other printed media in an effort for them gain a higher level of dignity, freedom, independence and quality of life. The idea came to fruition during a social entrepreneurship class Pia was taking. The professor tasked the students with developing a project that fit the theme of the course.

My friend is blind, another classmate was an engineer, and together we came up with the idea of glasses that could read what blind people couldn’t see.
– – Pia

They won various competitions and began developing the product. Unfortunately they were met with various intellectual property issues and other setbacks forcing them to revisit their strategy. Pia continued searching and investigating her market, which uncovered new opportunities to pursue. She is currently building a new team and pivoting the project with her new findings. They are now planning to create a device that adapts to the end user’s specific issues while enhancing their capabilities.

Pia’s words of wisdom:

  1. Be mindful of your personal time, don’t sacrifice too much
  2. Select whom you spend your energy with wisely
  3. Congratulate yourself for your past experiences as they help shape who you are

Pia Celestino  | Crea7ive Interactive Advertising

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