There are amazing businesses in Miami that aren’t getting the exposure they deserve. I had to move to San Francisco just so I could introduce my company to investors over there. They would never have known who I was otherwise.

Everyone asked the same question “Why are you in Miami since it’s a place to have fun while this (San Francisco) is the place to create businesses?”

I explained that it was a strategic decision as Miami was the gateway to Latin America and there was significant opportunity for the service I am offering.

Fernando Cuscuela and Leandro Armas founded Everypost in 2012 while living in Argentina. Fernando is an entrepreneur from Argentina that has successfully started two other companies. His past successes with those firms and the skills he learned led him to create Everypost.

As a small business owner, he couldn’t afford to pay for the social media publishing services that were currently available, especially in Latin America. Also seeing that the user experience with those services was overly complicated and time consuming, Fernando recognized the opportunity that was Everypost.

They were part of Venture Hive’s inaugural accelerator class and chose to base their headquarters in Miami.

“If you want to do business in Latin America there is no better location than Miami.”

Everypost is an all-in-one social media publishing solution that allows you to customize content specifically for each platform in a very user-friendly way. Each social media product has its own lexicon which Everypost allows you to utilize effectively from one central location.

Everypost is planning to launch their newest version during Social Media Week in Miami on September 22, 2014.

Fernando’s words of wisdom:

  1. Start out as an entrepreneur as soon as possible.
  2. Pick the right location for your startup. Be intentional about how your chosen location can benefit you and your company.
  3. Try not to be too anxious and take the time to plan properly.

Fernando Cuscuela  | Everypost

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