One of our early customers used our iPad based timeclock to clock staff in and out for work. Some staff, when working offsite at a hotel, would give the hotel’s front desk agent their iPad, $500, and a request to “punch them in” at 9am and then out at 6pm. In effect, this staff was getting paid to do nothing while never leaving the hotel.

I was asked “how can you solve this problem?,” to which I replied “Facial Recognition?”

– –  Brian Brackeen

Brian Brackeen founded Kairos in 2012, here in Miami. It’s evolved from their TimeClock service to providing an advanced facial recognition API for its users’ apps and services. Kairos is now one of the largest facial recognition firms in the world processing over 700,000 faces per month. Brian is one of the pioneers of Miami’s entrepreneurial scene, leading the way for other aspiring CEO’s.

Brian’s career history and successes have armed him with the tools and skills he needs to guide Kairos to levels once not thought possible. He started his journey working along a traditional path for Comcast, ADP, and eventually IBM’s consulting arm.

Big, hairy, international problems were my specialty at IBM.

In 2009 Brian relocated to Miami and quickly received an unsolicited call from Apple, which wanted to utilize his international experience to help further grow the company globally – in anticipation of the iPad launches and retail growth. He subsequently left Apple to start Kairos after catching the startup bug in San Francisco.

Brian’s uncanny ability to uncover opportunities led him to provide Kairos’ services to various entities.

Retailers are interested in using our system to measure the balk rate – how many people waiting in line got fed up and left the store. A major cruise-line sorts countless pictures taken throughout a cruise and we match those pictures with passengers. The passenger can then purchase a package of all photos taken engaging in various activities around the ship.

When asked why he chose to base his company in Miami, Brian responded:

California has 18,000 startups and 8,200 angel investors. Florida has 2,400 startups and 7,800 angel investors. The numbers made sense. Also, Miami has very strong PHP developers, the skill set we primarily needed. Miami is a strong cultural and talent fit.

Miami has an expanding entrepreneurial community. Each member is very supportive of the other and want each other to succeed. This collaborative environment was another compelling attribute.

Brian’s words of wisdom:

  1. Start building your project right now. Don’t Wait. There are many reasons not to quit your job… that said, quit your job.
  2. Build it in Miami. Don’t fall into the belief that Miami is not the place. You can build anything right here. You have everything you need right here.

Brian Brackeen  | Kairos

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